Address : 177, avenue des Mélèzes, BP 9 Thyez, 74311 Cluses Cedex

Specialized in hydraulics

Designer and manufacturer of innovative hydraulic customized solutions for small and mid-size series.

Located in Haute-Savoie, in the Arve Valley, We provide innovative customized solutions, for mobile and stationary hydraulics, from the project step through to series production.

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La société FP Hydraulique 2
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Made-to-measure proposal

Specialized for more than 40 years, our Company has built up a wide experience within the area of design and manufacturing solutions dedicated to hydraulics power transmission. Among the precursors of the hydraulic integrated circuit, our design can be found in many areas where the hydraulic remains a dominant technology (mobiles vehicles, industrial demanding apps.).

Each project is designed to meet the customer's required specifications.

One of the few French Hydraulics Designer & Manufacturer. As an independant human-size company, we offer a strong adaptability and flexibility.

Key aspects

  • Engineering and manufacturing tailor-made solutions to meet customer's specifications
  • Prototypes and series are internally produced.
  • We support our customers from the initial concept to the final project validation.
  • We integrate the most appropriate components of our partners acknowledged as leaders in their fields.

We are member of ARTEMA the French mecatronic industry association

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Our commitments


  • At the beginning department of Frank & Pignard, automotive machining company.
  • Complete hydraulic components range dedicated to machine-tools.
  • Modular system concept.

La société FP Hydraulique 4

Separation from the parent Company, becomes independant.

  • Repositionnement sur le marché de l’oléo hydraulique.
  • New directionnal valves range.
  • Blocs spécifiques (blocs fonction).
  • Tailor-made valves.
  • New ownership
  • Move to new Thyez facility
  • New OKK HP400 horizontal machining centre.
  • Additional 8 paletts machining center.
  • High capacity machining cell
    • OKK HMC500 center
    • 12 paletts FASTEMS system
    • 300 tools MAM matrix store
  • Replacement investment
    • MAFAC JAVA blocks washing unit
    • SGM Thermal deburring machine
  • Replacement investment
    • Blocks machining & assembly
      • Second OKK HMC500 / 300 tools, sharing 20 paletts with the first HMC500 center.
    • MAFAC PALMA Washing unit.

Hydraulic solutions

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