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The Power to Build a Better Machine! HydraForce partners with your engineers to create customized hydraulic control solutions that enhance the performance, value and durability of your mobile equipment.

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Partner/ Integrator

Mobile Hydraulics, Electronics and IoT Using electrified, electronic and digitally networked solutions, we are helping you to create the next generation of mobile machines. Our performance gives you access to increased power, safety, efficiency and intelligence.

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DUPLOMATIC MS is an international company that has driven ingenuity and innovative spirit in Italian industry for over 70 years. Its success is founded on the development of components and systems for motion control and automation.

Directional valves
Pressure & flow controlers
Solutions modulaires empilables
Proportional valves
Electronic controlers
Pumps : Gear/Vane/Pistons
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Dynex manufactures hydraulic components and systems for use on mobile and industrial machinery. Products include high-pressure piston pumps, high-pressure directional and pressure control valves, heavy-duty piston motors for demanding conditions, and electrohydraulic actuators for remote control.

Harsh evironment

Low viscosity fluids

Test bench/ Aerospace/Industry/Marine

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Focus on manufacturing customized hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical system solutions according to your requirements and specifications. Also concentrate on providing tailor-made safety concepts for your machines and plants. Additionally, exclusive drive technology products in stock.

High precision pressure switches

Special cylinders

Power units

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Italian Manufacturer of hydropneumatic accumulators and pulsation dampeners.

wide range of products for the oil hydraulics and dosing liquids sector:

bladder, membrane, piston, plastic accumulators, pulsation dampeners, and special accumulators